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Random life

Random life bits: Today I got a new phone, which isn’t really new, but it is to me, so good enough.  I then promptly lost my old phone, before I could get all of the photos and videos of my daughter off the memory card in it.

I realized tonight that I am currently spending 21 hours a week putting my child to bed – either for naps or at bedtime.  I have decided that I really need to consider stripping her bedroom bare and locking her in it until she figures out how to go to sleep on her own.  Spending an entire day of my week just putting her to bed is ridiculous at her age.

I also realized tonight just how ill suited I am to parenthood.  I wished, for a heartbeat or two, that I could have a job, just so I’d have an excuse to pay the exorbitant daycare fees ($115 a week) to get her away from me for a while.  While I do think that she needs some kind of socialization with other kids, I cannot justify paying $460 a month for the 6 months a year I would be unable to avail myself of their services.  Which sucks. Because I REALLY want to put her in daycare.

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